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Values are binding because they bring us together

Corporate responsibility

Code of Conduct: binding rules of procedure for all employees

All employees within the Group have agreed to abide by our Code of Conduct. This sets out the values that we consider both morally and ethically imperative as a company, namely:

  • Upholding the law
  • Fair competition
  • Refusal to engage in corruption and graft
  • Observance of basic labour rights
  • Blanket ban on child and forced labour
  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Proper handling of information/privacy policy
  • Separation of corporate and private interests

Environmental protection: our duty to the natural world

Everyone is called for a sustainable and responsible use of natural resources, especially industry. ROWA Lack supports both internal and external efforts to ensure environmentally responsible business:

  • From our shared responsibility towards people and the environment, we have set ourselves the goal of reconciling profitable production and environmental protection by improving environmental performance and avoiding or reducing environmental pollution where technically and organisationally feasible and economically viable.
  • We expect our suppliers and contractors to comply with legal requirements and, in our selection, take into account the adherence to health care, occupational safety and environmental protection in the supply chain.
  • Every employee is integrated into our management system and has the right and the duty to work towards eliminating circumstances that cause unnecessary pollution to the environment.
  • Through information and training, we promote the environmentally conscious behavior of our employees inside and outside the company.
  • Our company operates and implements an environmental management system that is oriented towards the established normative, legal and internal requirements and demands, maintains it and constantly improves its effectiveness.
  • Our aim is to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • With the evaluation of results, internal audits as well as the periodic reports on the operational environmental protection, the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the environmental management system is regularly checked by the management.
  • We provide all necessary means to fulfill our environmental objectives and to enforce our environmental policy.
  • The management assesses itself and the degree of fulfillment of the environmental standard in the company. We commit ourselves to the continuous improvement and further development of our environmental management system.

Energy: a responsible attitude to using natural resources

The chemicals industry is one of the most energy-intensive sectors. The ROWA GROUP is also committed to continuously monitoring the energy efficiency of its processes – to ensure it remains competitive on the one hand, and to make its own contribution to environmental and climate protection on the other.

We believe that our declared objective of ensuring the continuous improvement of our energy-related performance constitutes a key factor for entrepreneurial success. We achieve this in particular by the increasingly efficient use of our primary energy sources: electricity and natural gas.

Product safety: always on the safe side

For products used in the automotive sector and medical technology or food contact materials, customer-specific regulatory frameworks set high standards of product safety and product liability alike for suppliers and their organisations. In this area, we have appointed Product Safety Officers who are tasked with analysing and improving our safety-related manufacturing and testing processes.

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