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ROWA Lack is a leader in the area of lacquer systems for the surface treatment of synthetic films and foils. The primary applications are high-quality lacquer systems for coating and finishing PVC and PU-coated fabrics and PVC and TPO foils.


PVC-coated tarpaulins

Truck covers, awnings, materials for halls and tents – all these products fall into the group of PVC-coated tarpaulins.
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Print media

Print media are essentially PVC-coated fabrics such as backlit, frontlit and side-curtains.
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Textile constructions

In the area of textile construction we are speaking about PVC-coated fabrics for halls, tents and the textile architecture segment.
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Furniture and Decoration Foils

The rigid or semi-rigid foils generally used for these applications are made of PVC or TPO.
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This area of applications includes PVC, ABS and TPO foils for vehicle dashboards and door-panels and PVC and PU-coated synthetic leathers for seat backs, gearshift covers and trunk covers.
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Synthetic leather

The focus of this area is on fashion applications such as synthetic leather for bags, apparel and shoes.
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ROWA Lack offers solutions for niche markets, too. Taking into account customer requirements and specific material characteristics tailor made developments are in use.
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Pigment Preparations

The broad portfolio presents a wide range of highly concentrated pigment dispersions for use in many different industrial applications.
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