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A growing demand for PMMA dye preparations


Pinneberg/Germany, May 2023 – ROWA Lack continues to make its mark in the field of ROWALID® PMMA dye preparations and underlines the company ambitions in this market segment with its product range policy. The ROWALID® preparations are not only a permanent fixture on the market, but are also characterized by steadily growing demand. By using the ROWALID® preparations, customers are provided with a modular system for designing their own coloristic objectives.

ROWALID® ACN-F grades comprise highly concentrated single dye preparations that are incorporated in a PMMA carrier system. A special production process is used to manufacture ROWALID® preparations, which aims to achieve a maximum degree of distribution of the dyes that cannot be attained with conventional dispersion methods. The “micropowder” dosage form in a defined particle size range not only enables a wide spectrum of compatibility, but the additive-free dye dispersions also guarantee a high level of color strength and transparency.

In a commercial environment that is becoming increasingly complex and requires highly sophisticated procedures, the straightforward processing of the products represents a significant advantage. In contrast to the use of pure colorants, no complex handling is necessary to achieve optimum distribution with maximum color strength.

With the ROWALID® ACN-F preparations, ROWA Lack provides a standard range of color shades with outstanding properties. In cooperation with the customers, ROWA Lack is also happy to develop project-specific customized preparations based on individual requirements. Various dye grades and dye contents can be selected to meet specific requirements.

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